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“These cards have a great deal to offer.They are easy to use and deliver results. I’m keen to have my own set as soon as possible”

Liz Ford, Independent Development Coach

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The SenseAble Approach

“Making difficult decisions easy”

In a world in which we are never in possession of all the facts, and circumstances frequently occur beyond our control yet impact our plans and aspirations, it is increasingly important to make use of all the resources available to us.

  • At times "cause and effect" are directly linked, and it is possible to accurately predict the outcome of taking a particular action. In this instance, logical assessment is clear and can be relied upon.
  • On other occasions assumptions are made, consciously and unconsciously that affect judgement. Emotional reaction often distorts perspective and prevents rational review. "I'm too emotional to think straight" is a true reflection of what happens.

Yet scientific studies have shown that emotion is essential for rational thinking. In the absence of emotion people are incapable of making decisions. It is therefore important to acknowledge emotion in how it affects the choices we make and the actions we take.

  • Change and uncertainty are continually occurring events, and nature, in assisting us in managing such circumstances, has provided the ability to be intuitive, insightful and to have a sense of direction.
  • Everyone, in non-thinking moments, perhaps when driving a car or out walking, has become aware of new ideas or unexpected insights. Such intuitive leaps in thinking, once noticed, can then be tested against logical reasoning

There is in essence an interactive dance in motion between these three aspects of ourselves; between logic, emotion and intuition. Actively learning to acknowledge the part that each of these plays, and developing individual abilities in the unique way in which they work personally, is what lies at the heart of The SenseAble Approach.

It is a natural process
that makes difficult decisions easy

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