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These cards, with their thought-provoking snippets of word assemblies, brief but pithy questions and vivid images, go straight to the creative brain, clicking switches and lighting lights as they process their way into the conscious awareness. They turn on a thought process that often continues. The cards are, indeed, rather like having an exceedingly honest and delightfully clever friend upon whom I can call whenever necessary. They maintain a prominent place in my work space.

Victoria Pendragon, D.D., O.M.M.

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It is worth noting that the the most obvious benefits and many diverse ways of using A SenseAble Friend can often be overlooked. It's simplest and most immediate benefit is in getting unstuck or obtaining a different perspective on a situation or experience that is causing stress or unease.

Seeing your experience through a different lens can make the difference between  having a great day, week-end, or discharging tensions in, and deepening the quality of, a relationship.

Underlying this tool is a creative process that can be likend to a piece of software for the mind - the processes operate at both superficial and more complex levels and as is the case with a graphic design programme has quite profound potential. 

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Pete Middleton

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