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It helped develop our conversation, teased out issues and enabled our discussion to move to a deeper level. A very powerful tool.

Cheryl Campsie, Communications Consultant

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Corporate or Business Use

Three common business issues


Uncertainty and Fear

Pressure to change ahead of the competition

Increased demands from customers, shareholders and staff


The underlying processes stimulated by "A SenseAble Friend" will be of significant help in dealing with these issues

The cards are available with a 50 page Training Manual at additional cost


What's the value for you and your business?

                               Some Benefits

  • Greater clarity of thinking
  • Savings in time
  • Personal leadership and self-confidence
  • Awareness of hidden issues
  • Enhanced decision making
  • New ideas for improvement
  • Real improvements in communication

So what does the process encourage?

  • Openness and candidness
  • Collaboration
  • A willingness to experiment
  • A ‘can do' attitude
  • Mutual support
  • Positive relationships
  • Enhanced appreciation and value of diversity

What's the most important point?

The process quickly produces recognisable results

Simply review the testimonials from people who have used it.
Many of these comments are made after using it once
for perhaps 10 - 15 minutes.

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Why would it work for an organisation?

As a business tool it is very different and intriguing in the way it works. It allows individuals and groups to benefit concurrently. People may choose to engage with the process openly, or whilst maintaining their own confidentiality. It does not put anyone under pressure, or expose them to potential risk of embarrassment

Using A SenseAble Friend is not a stressful experience but instead tends to be light hearted yet at the same time has significant impact. Interestingly, individuals tend to feel they have permission to talk openly about issues that ordinarily in other circumstances would remain hidden

The naturally unconscious mind is able to make unexpected and creative connections between seemingly unrelated matters, and using A SenseAble Friend encourages such relationships to surface. As a process it excludes judgement of others and is extremely time efficient

This tool comes with a 50 page Training Manual at an extra cost. If of interest, please use our contact details below and we will send you this information directly 

Who uses it?

Since its launch A SenseAble Friend has been used very successfully by:

                                              Chief executives 
                                              SME Owners 
                                              Executive coaches 
                                              Senior managers 
                                              HR managers 
                                              Teams & Team leaders

Maximising the Benefits

The real benefit for business and organisations lies in understanding the process and the dynamic relationship between rational intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), and intuitive or spiritual intelligence (SQ), and applying it in the workplace.

We provide Board and Management Facilitation. Our programmes take live issues to demonstrate and teach the principles involved, which process always results in new ideas or solutions.

A SenseAble Friend, is merely one of the tools we have developed that engages IQ, EQ and SQ and delivers fast and effective results.

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The process is a great aid for managers and directors in reflecting on the impact and events of the previous week, and in pre-viewing what really needs to happen in the next.

A SenseAble Friend and associated processes are extremely effective in laying out, and reviewing ‘Blue Ocean Strategies' and for creative thinking.

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