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“This product has the power to enable you to break free from the constraints of linear, logical thought. I was deeply impressed with the way it enabled me to explore complex problems and feelings in considerable depth”

Ian Fleming, Coach and Management Development Consultant

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Coaching or Training Use

A SenseAble Friend is an extraordinary addition to any coaching or training toolkit. It does not replace the facilitator’s skills or role, but enhances both, and adds a new and interesting dimension to the interaction with, and between, individuals and groups.

How does it add value in coaching?


  • It engages conversation at a heartfelt level
  • Is effective in group coaching
  • Accelerates the acknowledgement of real issues
  • Stimulates profound changes in thinking
  • Brings new perspectives into the open
  • Reduces indecision
  • Very quickly exposes topics on which coaching can then focus

             What makes it powerful as a training tool?

  • It is incredibly effective as an icebreaker, stimulating open dialogue in groups within 30 minutes to a level that might never occur even after several days training
  • Is amazingly adaptable in support of any programme aimed at improving soft skills and creativity
  • Teaches individuals the power and value of self-observation.
  • Enhances relationships and collaboration
  • Increases the impact and effectiveness of group activities
  • Improves the quality of communication and excludes judgement of others
  • Re-focuses attention on personal leadership and on "response - ability"

In what way is it used?

Self coaching, 1 to 1 coaching, the coaching triune, group coaching
Ice breakers, creative thinking, team building, incisive thinking
Strategic thinking, leadership and communication,
Soft skills training


What is it that is of vital importance? 

This tool produces recognisable results


often stimulates profound changes in perspective

Simply review the testimonials from people who have used it.
Many of these comments are made after using it once
for perhaps 10 - 15 minutes.

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A SenseAble Friend as a product is like a piece of software. Anyone may gain benefit from using it individually but the real impact, especially for organisations and groups, lies in facilitation by a trained practitioner familiar with the underlying principles and techniques.

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How can this tool be used as a truly effective resource?

A Training Manual has been designed for anyone in a facilitation role such as managers, team leaders, coaches or trainers. The manual provides comprehensive instruction for a wide range of uses, user instructions for group activities and formats that record the process from initial benchmarking, 360 degree feedback to action plans and is availalbe at extra cost. If the Training Manual is of interest, please use our contact details below and we will send you this information directly


Remember our promise?

If you do not gain benefit from using this amazing tool, simply return it in good condition within 30 days, and we will provide you with a full refund.

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A Senseable Friend is a fantastic marketing tool that coaches can use to enable a prospective client to experience one aspect from your coaching repertoire, AND, at the same time, gain a positive outcome; achieving both within an extremely short period of time.

Using A SenseAble Friend in a training environment ensures that irrespective of the dominant nature or otherwise of the delegates, every individual involved in the process is actively engaged in a manner that suits their personality.

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