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“Thought provoking and fun to use" Positive experience. Helped me consider my current issues in a different light – new perspectives and a calming experience”

Shirley Simpson, B.Sc. (Psychology), CIPD, CMI Coaching.

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Mini Case Studies

National TV Marketing campaign

An international manufacturer had an established product that required its position in the market re-energising with a new advertising campaign. The organisation was looking for a suitable approach to their campaign at the time A senseAble Friend was itself being market tested.

In using this tool for creative purposes a series of tag lines were produced within the space of 15 minutes, one of which was the key focus for the national TV marketing campaign approximately 15 months later. The same tag line was employed again when an updated video was released a year later.     


Clarity of purpose  

A young man in his late twenties spent less than ten minutes in self-reflection triggered by three cards he had selected. At the end of this period he stated quite clearly that he was going to:

  1. Control his mind
  2. Obtain a passport
  3. Work for a voluntary organisation in Africa

When he had finished he went on to explain that he suffered from severe depression and had all his life wanted to work in Africa in this way. In the space of ten minutes, this man became clear that he believed he could overcome his illness, he consciously acknowledged a goal that he had held for many years but did not think was  possibile, and now felt he had a definate and defined purpose in his life.

Stopping the "Rot"

A woman executive was in a spiral of negative thinking, and various approaches in a coaching session were not engaging with her in a way that enabled her to change her frame of mind. The coach introduced "A SenseAble Friend" for the woman to use. Intuitively selecting a single card, the woman spent a short time in self-reflection and was able, through this apparently simple process, to stop the downward spiral from continuing. 

Relationship management

A Professor recognised an approach he could introduce that might have a significant impact in assisting someone close to him build self-esteem.

Candid Communication

A small group of lecturers from a 'Red Brick' university who ran external business programmes on 'Leadership' used the cards for 25 minutes and seemingly were getting nowhere. In conclusion, one person made the comment that he did n't feel this tool was working and perhaps it was because in such a small group of close colleagues, he felt unable to be completely open in his responses. At that moment, the point from the exercise became clear; the light went on with the realisation that if this was how he behaved with people he knew, it was an interesting reflection of his own 'leadership' behaviour - or otherwise. Also, it took an observer to point this out to him. Sometimes we just miss the obvious!

Business Integration

A firm of business consultants following recent purchase of an IT company was looking strategically at how best to move the business forward.

In response to a specific objective, thirteen key points were highlighted for the group to focus on which then enabled them to make constructive progress in achieving that objective.

Self management

A Senior Personnel Manager discovered why it is that she was frequently indecisive especially leading up to a key or important deadline, and that this was not in fact the weakness she perceived it to be.

Raising business awareness

A director of a training company became aware that attention was required to developing strategies to move the business forward, and that up to that point in time, insufficient emphasis had been given to this matter.

Problem solving

An operations manager with an International Steel Manufacturer looked at a critical problem in an attempt to understand why it existed, and what could be done to resolve it.

The manager recognised he was actually contributing to making matters worse, how and why that was, and what he could do to deal with the problem. He then took action based on his findings, which he continued to find successful.

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