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I rarely pick out a product but this one warrants inclusion because it's so different and appealing.

Alan Chapman,

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Sue Fernandez BossCo

I have been using his SenseAble Friends cards for about a year. I have introduced them to family, colleagues and clients. It never seems to amaze me the response I get. Watching someone using the cards is amazing - turn the first, turn the second and turn the third - the whole body language changes, often signs of relief or laughter - problems solved, issues resolved or work to be done, all triggered by 3 little cards - amazing!

Janey Lee Grace : BBC presenter & celebrity

This product is "Awsome & Innovative"

Personal & Business use : Perfomance, Improvement & Quality Manager at UKAR

I have used these cards quite a lot on my own when I have something has been stressing me out. I find they help me put things in perspective.

One example of using them in a group I would like to share was excellent. I had brought a team of 10 people together to look at redesigning their role. Many of them had been in the role for years. The session started well with some good ideas coming through and after an hour we found ourselves going round in circles. I had the cards in my bag and I went with a gut feeling I had. I positioned the cards as a tool we could use to create clarity of thought and that they did! The shift in the dynamic of the group and the ideas and steps forward we took were amazing.

Thank you for the cards!

Victoria Pendragon, D.D., O.M.M.

These cards, with their thought-provoking snippets of word assemblies, brief but pithy questions and vivid images, go straight to the creative brain, clicking switches and lighting lights as they process their way into the conscious awareness. They turn on a thought process that often continues. The cards are, indeed, rather like having an exceedingly honest and delightfully clever friend upon whom I can call whenever necessary. They maintain a prominent place in my work space.

Lyn White, Reverse Therapist

“Fun! I like it!”

A Users review 12 months on

A year on and these coaching cards are invaluable

Alan Chapman,

I rarely pick out a product but this one warrants inclusion because it's so different and appealing.

JoAnn Dunn, specialist in Leadership Development, Plans & Policies, New Jersey

I keep the set on my desk and when I need to kick start my brain or I am a bit off kilter, I open the box and take out a card. I find that focusing on just one of the cards is good enough to get on track again

Jeni Purdie, author of Life Coaching for Dummies

“The best tools for change are simple, elegant and subtle and those three words aptly sum up these cards. The results have been astonishing, helping to shift thinking in profound ways. Words can’t describe how effective this tool really is. You simply have to try it for yourself to understand, feel and know its power”

Carole Kirk, Career Coach.

“In the space of five minutes, this product told me what was really important to me in my life, and what I had to do. That's fast!”
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