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I have been using his SenseAble Friends cards for about a year. I have introduced them to family, colleagues and clients. It never seems to amaze me the response I get. Watching someone using the cards is amazing - turn the first, turn the second and turn the third - the whole body language changes, often signs of relief or laughter - problems solved, issues resolved or work to be done, all triggered by 3 little cards - amazing!

Sue Fernandez BossCo

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A Users review 12 months on

A year on and these coaching cards are invaluable

Monday, April 19, 2010

SenseAble Friend's triangular box
intrigues from the outset

by Mervin Straughan 

Last year, I reported on a new coaching tool that had been developed by Yorkshire life coach and business facilitator Pete Middleton. I can now, honestly, say it's a success with clients because it provides a simple framework for their thinking and decision making.

Initially, I was cautious about introducing the SenseAble Friend to the proceedings but, on each occasion, it has offered an intuitive process for exploring the current situation and prompting discussion around key issues.

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